Focus Trust Believe gets behind surfing once again

FTB at the Vic Bay Quadrangular Surfing Competition

Last weekend FTB was present as the Vic bay Quadrangular in memory of John Pfaff, watching intently who they could give there prize too. What was the prize for, not the winner of the event no; it was designed for the person who keeps trying his best but never really gets the result her so deserves.

The specialty award went to non other than Neil Zietsman for his commitment to the sport of surfing and for never giving up.
Neil is a true testament to FTB only 2 years ago was he an estate agent selling property now he owns 3S gym and is a fully qualified personal trainer. The gym he started in his own house and he’s grown it into a very successful business. Through passion and a lot of FTB he has made his dreams a reality.