FTB Brand Ambassador Ceara Knight

Focus Trust Believe endorses young up and coming star Ceara Knight
Ceara Knight is exactly what FTB is all about, she is happy in herself while being focused and determined. She is easy to get along with and is able to make others feel good about themselves while still believing in herself. Even when she’s being challenged she continues to trust that she will overcome the difficulties and keeps a positive mental attitude.

This is the kind of brand ambassador FTB is proud to have as part of the family. We look forward to watching her grow from being a girl into a young lady and we’re very excited to see her achieve her dreams and goals through applying the principles of Focus Trust and Believe.

Ceara has shown promise from an early age and only after a year of coaching with Waves School of Surfing won her provincial trials for Western Province, came fifth at SA junior champs and then went on to win the WP champs.

Without brand ambassadors FTB won’t be able to grow into the successful brand it strives to be one day and it is people like Ceara who will help us achieve this success

Here’s how Ceara describes herself

1. How long have you been surfing?
I’ve been surfing roughly since I was four, but I only properly started getting into it when I was about 11.

2. Where do you live?
I live in Scarborough.

3. Where is your favourite surf spot?
Probably Seal Point, j-bay Point or Inner Pool at Mossel Bay .

4. Your best results?
Winning the U13 Western Province trials and going on to be the U13 champion

5. Your short term and long term dreams?
Short term in surfing, to go surf Indonesia and any other good surfing spots around the world. I also want to get barreled, to train really hard and have FUN!!
I want to come in the top 5 in the PST rankings in SA and get into the finals at SA Champs!

Long term goals, for surfing, to make the World Tour and travel the world (with my dog!)