FTB Brand Ambassador William Oosthuizen

William Oosthuizen is from Mossel bay in the Western Cape and has just recently won the Motor Cross National Champs although his passion lies with Enduro. This young man has a great positive attitude and an awesome outlook on life which bode well for an extremely bright future.

Q. How old are you and for how long have you been riding bikes? How did it evolve into a passion?
A. I am 19 years old and I’ve been riding since the age of 4. It has always been a passion of mine and there has never been any other sport which evokes the same passion in me.

Q. Where are you currently lying in SA on the Enduro Log and what does it entail?
A. I am currently in the top 10 in the Open Class even though my age means I’m actually a Junior, which consists of participants of all ages and standards. The top three riders are recognized as some of the top ranked Enduro riders in the world.

Q. Why do you do Motor Cross if your focus is Enduro?
A. I mainly do it for the exercise as well as the benefit that it holds for the special stages in the National Enduro circuit. Apart from that, Motor Cross was my first experience on a motorbike and it will always be part of my passion.

Q. What are your 2017 goals?
A. My goals for this year are to finish in the top 8 in the National Enduro Open Class, to win the Regional Open Class and to finish in the top 20 at this year’s Roof of Africa.

Q. It must be awesome riding bike with your Dad, tell us about one of your best riding trips/experiences.
A. Riding in Lesotho with my dad for his first time. Lesotho is such a wonderful riding experience and it has definitely some of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Q. Now you’re a brand ambassador for FTB and understand what the brand really stands for, what would you say is your most profound FTB moment?
A. Wearing my FTB clothes and being asked about it. Explaining to the people what it stands for and their immediate positive reaction to the brand and understanding of what exactly you stand for yourself.

Q. Where are you based while pursuing your motorbike career and what makes you enjoy working with the kids so much, even though you’re a youngster yourself?
A. I stay in Cape Town and during my training I also assist with the training of some of the Junior riders. I love training them and seeing them improve. Their passion is a constant reminder of my own passion for the sport.

We are very excited and proud to have you on the team, welcome big guy!!!!