FTB’s Newest Brand Ambassador – Tenille

This incredible woman approached FTB through our Instagram page, she’s friend with our ass kick Mutay fighting brand ambassador, Ian Zuncle.

The first thing I noticed on Tenille’s Instagram page was that she has autoimmune disease and that her motivational quotes were exactly along the lines of the FTB ethos.

So there was no hesitation for us to bring her on board and make her a brand ambassador, we would be loosing out not to be associated with such a dynamic woman.

1. When did you get diagnosed with autoimmune disease and what type do you have?
I suffer from a combination of conditions, all relating to and stemming from a severe eating disorder I carried for a good 10 years. I suspect the autoimmune side of things kicked in as my body’s own protection mechanism when I was 18 or 19 years old – a good 4 years before I managed to figure out what it was (and 9 years ago as it stands).

In essence, I have something called Hashimoto’s autoimmune hypothyroidism. This means that my body produces cells that attack my thyroid tissue as a defense against a perceived threat, that threat being a decade of prolonged stress – both physical and emotional.

2. How do you manage your specific autoimmune disease?
Stress relief. But not just finding peace from mental stress – I incorporate a few methods of shifting stress on a deeper level. If you really want to get to the route of an inflammatory condition like this you need to be willing to delve into your ‘stress history’ and unlock the chemical, mechanical and emotional stressors of both the past and present. Restorative exercise (yoga, walking, stretching), Body Stress Release therapy, Ozone therapy and an integrative healing approach.

When a physical system is working so hard every day to find balance and sort through chaos, it is important to seek peace. Rest, positivity and self respect are of KEY importance.

3. Through this journey you’ve found your own unique and special way to work with people, what happened on your journey of healing and what are you trying to share with the people you work with?
I have indeed! It’s almost comical how I have to ‘uncoach’ in order to get results – especially with adrenal fatigue sufferers and autoimmune clients. They are SUCH strong willed individuals with incredibly weakened systems and to help them find that ‘peace’ we have to do the exact opposite of what the fitness industry preaches! I didn’t get here by following the rules; I basically teach them to love themselves back to life, to invite positive energies to vibe along with and to ignore the standard message screaming at them to keep going ‘until you puke, faint or die’ to achieve a goal.

My message is simple: Be gentle. Be Informed.
If you want to truly transform you will need to meet parts of yourself that you will want to go to war against.

4. What is your ultimate goal you’d like to achieve Virago Aesthetics where do you see yourself in say 5-10 years.
My vision has morphed so much recently that I think it would be silly to limit myself with a singular vision. I have hopes and drives to get to a place where I can reach as many people who suffer as possible, and help them manifest positive change within themselves.

My first love will always be personal training but I’d like to keep to a select few, whilst coaching worldwide remotely and slowly helping others like me to feel supported on the recovery journey. With the experience I have, it is my responsibility to share it.

5. In working with your clients what are your biggest challenges and how are you retraining/rewiring them differently.
The biggest challenge is the ingrained believe that results will only come through punishing your body. Food has become something to feel guilt over with exercise/training being the punishment of choice. Others out there coach extreme transformations with VERY impressive results – but at what cost? The amount of people I meet with gut, adrenal, thyroid, anxiety, sleep, weight maintenance issues is actually alarming…and it’s all from wanting instant gratification and being willing to harm ourselves to get it as fast as possible.

I’m teaching others to stop sacrificing their bodies for immediate desires. To work from the inside… out.

6. If you were to give anyone one single bit of advice regarding their health, what would it be.
Feel within before you feel without
We are all so quick to blindly look to others or to follow a trend before even taking the time to get to know our bodies. To notice what we feel best eating/wearing/saying/thinking and to avoid the things that impact us negatively. Whilst you might need a coach for education on nutrition or guidance in training – you do not need anyone to give you advice on what makes you feel good in your body. You know yourself best. Challenge the accepted wisdom.