Ian Zunckel – F.T.B. Ambassodor

Interview with new brand ambassador Ian Zunckel Mutay fighter.

Q. How long have you been fighting for and what got you into this incredible sport?
A. I started training the end of 2009, I had some time off back home for a few months before heading to University and then joined the local kickboxing club and quite enjoyed it. In June 2010 I went over to Thailand for the first time and trained over there, after a month of training had my first professional fight and then just been hooked ever since then.

Q. This is clearly your passion so what is your day-to-day job?
A. I’m also a Quantity Surveyor, this allows me to pay the bills and travel back and forth to Thailand.

Q. How much time do you spend in Thailand at a time and what does your training regime and diet consist of?
A. I get a 3 month tourist visa then spend the time there and afterwards come back home for a few months and then repeat the process. It has been slightly more difficult at the moment due to my job and also injuries.

Training is extremely rigorous and tough, training twice a day, 4-5 hours a days, 6 days a week with Sundays been a complete rest day. Training consists of a lot of running, skipping, bag work, sparring, clinch work and also pad work with 3 weight gym sessions also. Then taking about 2 days complete rest before a fight and depending on the fight outcome another 2-3 days’ rest post fight before repeating the process again.

I don’t follow a set diet at all, it’s all about calories in V calories out so when I need to make weight for fights or maintain my weight I just track my calories allowing me to still enjoy all the food I do, without cutting out anything. Tend to stick to a 80/20 rule, 80% being “healthy” food and then 20% being treats.

Q.21 fights, 19 wins and 2 losses that’s an incredible track record something to really be proud of, what motivates you to get in the ring again?
A. All the time and effort I put into training and bettering myself makes me want to keep getting back in there. Being a better version of myself, learning from previous fights and identifying weaknesses or shortfalls to better them and just be the best I can be.

Q. How much longer do you see yourself competing and what have you set your goals on achieving in that time?
A. Got another good 5 years in me I reckon, before more injuries start to catch up to me. I’ve split my goals into short, medium and long term.
Short: Win the local stadium belt
Medium: Get on the televised shows in Thailand
Long: Re match and beat the guy I lost to.

Q.What has been your biggest set back in you career and how did you make such an incredible comeback?
A. I dislocated my shoulder and underwent surgery, had to put 3 anchors in my shoulder to repair it. Took me just over a year to recover fully from it. I spent a lot of time to get my mind right and focused. Another motivating factor is that I have lost my last 2 fights and knowing that I have to get back out there and back to winning motivated me because I also need to make my gym and trainers proud and have them know that they made the correct decision by having me part of their team. My family supports me big time so I also have to keep making them proud.

Q. What made you get in touch with Focus Trust Believe?
A. FTB stands for everything which one can apply not only to sport but to everyday life. Having your mind focused and clear allows you to compete so much better. Having gone through my own difficulties with regards to injuries, setbacks and also dealing with losses, what FTB stands for has really resonated to me.

Q. When are you off next?
A. Plan is to get fit and back into shape now, since all the injuries are sorted and then make my way back to Thailand early 2018.