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Alan van Gysen with FTB

FTB story with world-renowned photographer Alan van Gysen

Alan van Gysen is one of the worlds most respected surf photographers. With an inextinguishable drive and natural flair he has spent the past eighteen years carving his mark into the international scene. His dedication to his craft has seen him capturing the artistry of South Africa’s and the world’s top surfers.


FOCUS TRUST BELIEVE – These are three extremely powerful words; probably the reason why you decided to open and read this post in the first place.

Ceara Knight - F.T.B

Ceara Knight – F.T.B Ambassador

This year has been great as I have managed to meet a lot of my goals and make a lot of my dreams and hopes for the year come true, through training hard and also through having lots of fun in the water. This started with an amazing trip to Indo and followed with me winning the Bos Cape Crown, …