Tristan wins the 2017 65cc Enduro SA Series

Dear Llewellyn

Last weekend was our final double header for our 2017 Season.
I woke up with flu on Monday morning which caused my parents to stress, but I got on antibiotic and by Saturday I felt about 90%

Matat is always the best race of the year and this year we did a street race where we were followed by the cops with their sirens on. Nearly 100 bikes rode some of the original Roof of Africa street rout. IT WAS EPIC. All the moms were crying, but I think it was awesome because of the atmosphere because we were safe.

After the street race we did our real race, I did make some mistakes, but with my bike and my pit crew, I managed to take the win, which won me the championship. My Mom cried again.

I really enjoyed the track, and then on Sunday I had the best ride I’ve ever had. I wanted to have fun and I had the most fun. I came 2nd on Sunday to my friend Luke, and everyone said they loved it.

I wore my FTB t-shirt on the podium and we also won SA endure jackets, but I was still wearing my cap.

I hope this makes you proud. I am happy that we are mixing up the 2 best sports in the world.

Yours sincerely