About Us

Our Story

Focus Trust Believe (FTB) is a mantra that I believe any person striving for success should live by, whether it be in sport, the corporate environment, or in his/her personal life.

Foremost, FTB is a motivational brand. Our aim is to inspire people to focus on their goals, do great things, and to believe in their dreams and to trust that it will become a reality. At FTB there is no such thing as coincidence.

From Mantra to Brand

In hindsight, my entire life has been a succession of moments that have helped me achieve my dreams and has led to me to having my dream job.

The first notable moment where FTB came into play was when I finally made it onto the pro surfing tour. As a kid growing up, all I wanted to do was become a pro surfer. I always battled to get sponsors and at the time I said to myself: “One day I’ll meet someone who believes in me and they will help me get on tour and find sponsors”. And that is what eventually happened. With the help of a friend, who was my sister’s boyfriend at that stage, I managed to go on tour and was living my dream. I travelled the world, saw amazing places, and met incredible people.

Later on, an unsuccessful relationship and a knee injury (which left me unable to surf) led me to Wales where I worked as a surf instructor. One of my first lessons was with a young girl whose mother turned out to be a Reiki healer. She worked on my knee and gave me my first mantra: “Compassion, Understanding and Forgiveness” – which helped to heal my heart. After this process was completed, she introduced me to “Focus, Trust, Believe”, and with this mantra, I went on to win the UK Triple Crown in 2007 finishing second overall on the British Pro Tour.

In 2008 I moved back to SA to start a learn-to-surf school in my hometown of Mossel Bay. This quickly developed into Waves School of Surfing where we focus on advanced coaching. Not only has FTB placed me in the position, where I am today regarded as one of the best coaches in the country. FTB and a better understanding of it have helped me to reach many milestones both in my professional and personal lives.

Since starting the surf school I’ve always wanted to create a brand called FTB but was hampered by the fact that it would require a lot of capital. However, with the help of friends, acquaintances and a lot of FTB, I am now able to start to develop the brand.

FTB and the Future

Through using FTB in my coaching I have seen the change in not only the kids’ lives but their parents’ as well. I believe that there is an opportunity to do good with FTB in underprivileged communities; if you can teach the Focus Trust Believe mantra to those who have no self-belief, you will have a positive impact on their future.

Our Goals

Our long-term goal is for FTB to become a global brand with merchandise available worldwide. We are aiming to have specific brand ambassadors who not only believe in the brand but also live their lives by this mantra. We believe that the brand has no boundaries and that everyone will relate to FTB giving them a sense of belonging to the brand.

I rarely write reviews for products but with the EngoCreative, I am more than grateful. The site is fully customizable and you can really feel like playing while designing the site! Thanks again for having made such a convenient, yet fully-functional theme.

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