These are three extremely powerful words; probably the reason why you decided to open and read this post in the first place.

FTB’s roots are deep in surfing. The owner, Llewellyn Whittaker, has surfed for 29 years, won multiple SA titles, the 2003 Quiksilver Good Wave specialty event, the 2007 UK Triple crown and captained the SA Open team. He also competed on the World Qualifying Surf series where he consistently made the top 100 in the world.

He coached the SA junior team three times at World Surfing Championships, achieving the best ever result of 2nd place.
He now coaches some of the best Juniors in the world full-time.

FTB is currently looking for brand ambassadors, retailers, agents and distributors nationally and internationally.

As the new kid on the block FTB’s goal is to become the biggest brand to come out of SA since Gotcha and Instinct in the 80’s!
With the focus on the words FOCUS TRUST BELIEVE and with the trust and collaboration of athletes in all disciplines while working with like-minded people, we believe that this is achievable.

If you’re the type of person who is an inspiration to friends, families and anyone they meet. Then we would like you to be a part of making this dream come true. If you see yourself and your business growing with a brand like Focus Trust Believe and that we will fit into making your dreams and goals come true, then we can find ways to work together.

FTB is looking for brand ambassadors, known as FTB troopers. These are people who are outgoing, determined and focused on achieving their goals in their respective sport or field. They need to be great sportsman both in and out of the arena and to represent what the brand stand for.

If you have a retail store and FTB falls in line with your feel and style of store we would be more than happy to supply you. FTB wants to work with retailers that believe in the brand and have the same outlook on life that the brand represents; we will be quite specific as to which stores we supply.

We are also looking for national and global distributors who believe in the FTB mind-set and approach to life; always seeing the glass half full, always seeing solutions to problems and always looking to grow and improve, both in business and in self.

FTB needs to work with enthusiastic, positive individuals you are looking at adding a cool athlete and lifestyle brand to their brands they may already repping for. If you’re an agent for other clothing brands it will definitely be worth your while to add FTB to your clothing range offering.

FTB looks forward to hearing from you

Yours in surfing and FTB

Llewellyn Whittaker