FTB’s Newest Brand Ambassador – Dewald Van Der Berg

This humble man that now resides in George is a mad, ass-kicking MX 3 rider and has just joined the FTB team. At FTB we not only love how he wins motor cross events but we’re super stoked to know he’s a family man, his beautiful wife, and gorgeous kid go along to as many of his events as possible to support him.

FTB asks him a few questions to get inside of Dewald’s head and what gets him ticking.

1. Alright Dewald, how long have you been into motocross and what motivates you to keep tearing dirt tracks apart?
I’ve been racing motocross for 28 years now. What motivates me, just the joy of riding a dirt bike, makes you feel free and being fully focused while riding, nothing else on the mind but just you and your machine. Having great battles on the track is huge adrenaline rush too.

2. What are some of your proudest moments on the track and which event wins have meant the most to you and why?
Racing my first World Grand Prix in 2004 was the greatest moment and Winning my first SA National Race in Port Elizabeth in 2000.

3. As a successful and competitive MX rider, what goes through your mind when you’re at the starting gates?
Well, I am pretty relaxed on the line joke around a bit until they show the 15 Second board, then its all serious and all I focus on is the gate, getting a good jump and a good technique is a key to getting to the first turn in the lead or in a good position.

4. You’re now taking part in the slightly older age group and clearly, you have fun doing what you do but we know you’re competitive. What are you doing to keep fit and to keep riding at such a high level?
Yeah racing mx3, it’s a class for 30 years and older. I’m on the MTB 2-3 times a week, got a great spinning class which is twice a week and then I ride mx twice a week. My team Manager, Garreth Flynn, keeps me pushing on the MTB and we have a plan when we go down for each practice session working on different aspects of the riding. I am all about having fun at the same time, as soon as the fun factor goes so does the motivation to train.

5. Who’s backing and believing in Dewald for this years season?
Well, my Team Manager started our new Team, R&M Racing, we backed by FTB, CIT Motorcycles, Von Zipper and Stance.

6. If you would give any advice to the up and coming youth in the MX scene, what would it be?
Give it your best every time but remember to have fun! I see it all the time at the mx races, parents get so involved to a point where the kids aren’t even allowed to play in between races. Hard work pays off too, it’s a very physical sport and talent will only get 25% of the way.